+++ Meetingpoint of the clericalfascists is at 15.00 on Albertinaplatz. creative forms of protest are required! Let’s chase the “march for the family” to the devil! +++

At the 18th of July the „Plattform Familie“ (platform family) organizes, just as the last years, the „Marsch für die Familie“ (march for the familiy) as a protest against the „Regenbogenparade“(Pride Parade) in the first district of Vienna. With claimes like, „the untouchable right to live from the time of an conception“, „against the gender-fad“ or „marriage just between men and women“, the fundamentalist, in cooperation with cleraical fascists, try to propagate a traditional, hetero-sexist, anti-women and ethnic-nationalist picture of family plus society. With this event the „platform family“ wants to deligimate (queer-)feminists claimes and archivements, like the right to abortion, the legal equlization of L*G*B*T*I*Q* (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual, queer) people. There are against a crack in the binary-system and the legimation of different forms of desire, to ensure the nationalist and patriachal maintaince power.

The „platform familiy“ isn’t just a pool of well-known christian-fundamentalist groups, like the organization „PRO VITA“ and other rabiate anti-abortionist, it reaches far beyond these. Connected throught L*G*B*T*I*Q* and anti-women opinions the ex-Pegida Vienna frontman Nagel, Markus Franz (an former delegate of the ÖVP, austrian peoples party) and Ursula Stenzel (FPÖ, freedom party) marching together with the facist group “Wiedenska Inicjatywa Narodowa”(WIN, Viennese nationale initiaive) and an many others. To discount the „marsch for the family“ as a meeting of harmless „crazy people“ would be fatal, they are part of a broad anti-feminist backclash.

Recently the election for the austrian president showed how much reception anti-homosexual, anti-transsexual, sexist, antisemetic and racist ideologies get from the (elective) society. Things which were eke out must be protected all the time and suppression as well as discrimination does not leave from their own.

That’s why …
Destroy the patrichy always and everywhere!
Fight heteronormativity! Smash the cis-term!
My body – my choice!