As in the previous years, various Christian fundamentalist groups are mobilizing for the “March for the Family” on 15th of June 2019 (“Marsch für die Familie”) in the Viennese city centre. Fully aware of the significance of this day for LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Inter, Queer and more) people and groups, the organizers choose the day of the Pride parade to protest against the rights of LGBTIQ+ and against queer-feminist demands.

They propagate a traditional, patriarchal and reactionary concept of family with slogans like: “Marriage only between man and woman”, “Against adoption rights for homosexual couples” or “The sacrosanct right to life from the conception on”.
There are fierce reactions against any form of equalization and visibility, dominated by sexism, racism and LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, inter, queer) hostility. Additionally, these fundamentalists mean to fight the current possibility of carrying out abortions before the third month of pregnancy without having to fear legal consequences.

The “Plattform Familie” consists of pro-life organizations such as “ProVita” and other well-known anti-feminist, homophobic and far-right groups and individuals such as, “Verein Occident”, “Pegida Österreich”, “Wiener Akademikerbund”, Ursula Stenzl, Marcus Franz, and many more (for further information check fida-blog.info).

That such fundamentalists’ demands are again gaining a broader social acceptance, can be seen in the agenda of Austria’s middle-right (ÖVP-FPÖ) governmental coalition of the last few months, which vehemently tried to reinforce a gender-binary, heteronormative gender view, and furthermore speaks of the “difference between man and woman”. In addition, the petition #fairändern aims for the introduction of obligatory consideration time before an abortion, an impose an “information duty” on doctors to inform about “support and counceling possibilities for pregnant women” and an “information campaign on adoption/foster family as alternatives” (more information on fida-blog.info). Right wing conservative governments all over the world rely on repressive laws towards pro-choice-activists fighting for legalized and free access to abortions.

We are pissed, that achievements in women’s* rights, that were hard fought for, now once again have to be defended, instead of fighting for further progress. We demand a society, in which everybody is free to make choices about their own bodies and can lead a life of self-determination!